Papers in Peer-reviewed Conferences

Narayanan, K., Hoysala, O., & Srinivasan, J. (2016a). Moral Economy of the Digital in Transport: A Study of Ola Auto. 28th Annual Conference of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE).

Krishna, H., Hoysala, O., Palavalli, B. M., Ganji, M. K., & Subrahmanian, E. (2014). Modelling technology, policy and behaviour to manage electricity consumption. In Proceedings of the IEEE R10 Humanitarian Technology Conference 2014.

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Palavalli, B., Krishna, H., Hoysala, O., & Subrahmanian, E. (2012). Discovering communication protocols for inter-agency collaboration for emergency response. In Bonds & Bridges. Facing the Challenges of the Globalizing World with the Use of Simulation and Gaming. International Simulation and Gaming Association.

Journal Publications

Narang, N., Hoysala, O., Arlekar, S., Chadgar, A., & Asundi, J. (2012). Developing GIS tools for planning, mitigation and preparedness for large scale emergencies and disasters. International Journal of System of Systems Engineering, 3(2), 142–153.

Workshop Presentations

Hoysala, O. (2016). Contextualisation Practices of Transportation Modelling and Simulation. Sarai Social Media Workshop 2016.

Narayanan, K., Hoysala, O., & Srinivasan, J. (2016b). The Digital Transformation? A Study of Ola Auto. Workshop on the Great Transformation of Bangalore, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore.

Newspaper articles

Narayanan, K. & Hoysala, O. (15 August 2016). With Ola auto there is a shift in the way auto-drivers and passenger interact. The Hindu

Other Publications

Hoysala, O., Krishna, H., & Palavalli, B. M. (2013). A Multi-Agent Approach to assess Geospatial Interoperability for Disaster Management in India. In Proceedings of the NSDI 2013 conference, IIT Bombay.

Hoysala, O., Krishna, H., Palavalli, B. M., & Subrahmanian, E. (2012). Training through games for checklist based procedures – Case studies in public safety. In Proceedings of the  International Conference for Safety 2012 , IIT Gandhinagar.

Krishna, H., Palavalli, B. M., Hoysala, O., Ragothama, J., & Narang, N. (2011). Distributed Agent-Based Simualtion Platform for Large-Scale Disasters. Accepted for publication at the 11th Annual IEEE Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security (HST 2011). Unpublished due to lack of funds.