Onkar Hoysala


Over the past decade, I have worked in various roles, including as a researcher. I have published in multiple international conferences, a journal, and in a newspaper.

Chaudhuri, B., Dasgupta, P., Hoysala, O., Kendall, L., & Srinivasan, J. (2017). Actor-Networks and “Practices” of Development: Impact of a weather information system in West Bengal. In IFIP Working Group 9.4 Conference 2017. [Link]

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Narayanan, K. & Hoysala, O. (15 August 2016). With ola auto there is a shift in the way auto-drivers and passenger interact. The Hindu. Retrieved from http://www.thehindu.com/business/Industry/’With-Ola-Auto- there- is-a- shift- in- the-way-auto-drivers-and-passenger-interact’/article14569780.ece  

Krishna, H., Hoysala, O., Palavalli, B. M., Ganji, M. K., & Subrahmanian, E. (2014). Modelling technology, policy and behaviour to manage electricity consumption. In Proceedings of the IEEE R10 Humanitarian Technology Conference 2014. [Link]

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Palavalli, B., Krishna, H., Hoysala, O., & Subrahmanian, E. (2012). Discovering communication protocols for inter-agency collaboration for emergency response. In Bonds & Bridges. Facing the Challenges of the Globalizing World with the Use of Simulation and Gaming. International Simulation and Gaming Association. [Link]